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Sandown Sociedad was founded in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength. In there first Year they Won the FTP Division 2 Beach Soccer League, the Wight Crystal Charity Shield and was voted FTP Beach Soccer Team of the Year. 2004 also saw the emergence of Sandown Sociedad Youth making Sandown Sociedad the Biggest Beach Soccer Club in the UK.Sandown Sociedad Youth went on to do the double that year. In 2005 Sandown Sociedad had 3 players Selected for England, all 3 played in the EBSL in various European venues. With Manager Luke Kerr becoming an England Coach and taking the England Team to Norway. 2005 also saw Sandown Sociedad become UK Champions and Sandown Sociedad Youth win the Championship for the second year running, Sandown have now established there self's as one of Europe's biggest and best beach soccer clubs.